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Darrol offers ranges from stock.  Have a peek at the very popular walking mannequin of Catwalk, plus the contemporary stylised ranges of Carl, Clara, Moi, Serge and Silky!

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Darrol Mannequins from VM Source

Darrol mannequins are made from fibreglass and available from stock.  The collection consists of a series of designer creations for stylised male and female mannequins produced to work individually or in small intimate groups. These collections are named as Catwalk, Clara, Moi and Silky for the female models and Carl and Serge as the male counterparts.

As well as the beautiful designer collections, Darrol  also offers the neck- lock male and female mannequin.  This mannequin can be either a headless option, or by removing the neck cap it is possible to add a head to give a completely different look.  With a range of positions and heads to choose from, the neck-lock mannequin offers great versatility at the drop of a hat or neck cap!

The range available extends to fibreglass male and female torsos.  Whether this is a ½ torso with or without arms or a ¾ torso, there is plenty of choice.  The jeans leg set and pant/trunk form are also popular choices.   And with a collection of stand options, you the retailer have plenty to discover.

Darrol is also well known for its superb range of polystyrene bust forms / tailors dummies with ivory or black covers. Still a popular and cost effective option for centre displays and perimeter walls, these bust forms for females, males and children are worth considering.

The Darrol brand is part of the Danish company Retailment and as their UK agents, we at The VM Source look forward to talking with you about your specific requirements.