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Invisible mannequins and Ghost mannequins have arrived!

Yes….they have arrived!

The solution to your fashion photography sessions - the invisible or ghost mannequin.

The Danish mannequin brand Hindsgaul has developed a completely new body form especially designed for internet photography, web-shops etc.

Launched under the name “Packshot Body Form” the unique design offers a cutaway neck and a further removable ‘V’ neck section revealing the brand labelling on the inside neck of the garment. This now means that the labels in garments can be photographed easily without the extra time and work normally required to edit shots using traditional body forms for display.


Hindsgaul invisible mannequinHindsgaul Packshot

 The male, female and child forms are straight with hands and feet removed to achieve the ‘ghost effect’ to the clothing. The arm length and leg length have also been increased to support e.g. the cuff on a shirt and enable trousers to hang straight without creasing over feet.

All three body forms have been designed for quick and easy dressing and undressing.

 In addition, the light grey, matt finish of the forms has been carefully chosen to reduce any reflection from photography flash and in most cases to expose transparent clothing without any sharp contrast.

 So the ‘Packshot Body Form’ we believe, can help you save a significant amount of time on your internet fashion photography by:

  • Reducing the time taken time to dress and undress the display model
  • Capturing collar / label details directly in picture
  • Enabling front and back garment shots to happen in two easy steps
  • Offering photography friendly colour forms
  • Thereby reducing time for clipping and cleaning the resultant images

The Packshot Body Form is readily available from stock. What are you waiting for! Please contact us to place your order 01780 761947.